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The largest artwork I have ever painted!

What a journey! 

This mural was commissioned in 2018 by a good friend of mine for her gorgeous home.
This wall was over 5m long and took me about a month to finish. At first it was scary looking at such a big blank canvas and quite overwhelming. My friend also gave me the freedom to create whatever I wanted which added even more excitement to the piece.
I didn't plan as much - as you probably know me by know 😀 - I always go with the flow. I applied the first layer without any direction, my choice was bright yellow colour.
I keep going with multiple layers and painted over and over until I was completely happy with the piece. I wanted to accomplish a piece of art, when anytime they look at the piece it will make them feel calm, peaceful, happy and bring a positivity into their lounge room.

I loved every minute of the process and until this day it is still the most special project I have done. 💛 Thank you for having me!