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About Me

Hi there,
 My name is Kristyna and I’m a Melbourne-based artist and this is a little bit about me and my art.



My journey has been a colourful and ever-evolving one. I am passionate about expressing myself and connecting with people through my art. Each brushstroke, each stroke of colour is an intimate window into my soul, and I strive to evoke emotions and make my audience feel as I do when I am creating my paintings.


Art, for me, is a way of sharing my thoughts, emotions, and desires with the world. I am constantly experimenting with new mediums and techniques to find the perfect way to bring my innermost feelings to life. My medium of choice is oil or acrylics on canvas, the textures and viscerality of the paint bring my emotions to life in a way that nothing else can.


My style is likely described as abstract. When I'm painting an abstract piece, I find myself diving deep into the colours and textures without any regard to what I’m ‘meant’ to do. There is no right and no wrong; it’s freedom and I just follow my hand and what it does next. I don’t overthink it and just enjoy the ride, but I hesitate to define myself only as an abstract artist since I love to paint anything that inspires me.




I am entirely self-taught and have been honing my craft since I was a child growing up in a small mining town in the Czech Republic. My hometown was a depressing and drab place with repetitive grey buildings, and I found solace in creating colourful pieces of art as a way to escape the dreariness of my surroundings. My mother saw my talent and encouraged me to continue by signing me up for junior art school. Though I continued to paint recreationally as a teenager, I never thought that I would be able to pursue it as a professional career.


But when I moved to Australia in 2013, everything changed. The rich landscapes, vibrant flora, and diverse fauna of this country awakened something in me and I began to pour out this inspiration onto canvas. It's as if the colors and beauty of Australia finally gave me the permission to fully embrace my passion for art.


My current work is primarily inspired by my move to Sydney three years ago. These artworks focus on places that I’ve been fortunate enough to visit or connect with, and exploring the flora and fauna of an incredibly unique place. The vibrant colours and alternate perspectives of these locations are reflective of my journey in Sydney and my ongoing desire to experience the world around me.


Kristyna  xx