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Collection: Lost At Sea Series

This series is one of the first series I created as an artist.

The first piece I painted from this series was "Alone At Sea", followed by "Lost At Sea", "Lost At Sea Again" , "Adrift", "Dawn At Sea" and then "Never Surrender".

Two paintings from this series were chosen two years in a row on The Block: in 2019, Jessie and Mel chose "Lost At Sea" for their stunning hallway, and in 2020 "Adrift" was chosen by Daniel and Jade for their master bedroom.

The series represents how powerful nature can be and how lost you can feel when you’re at the middle of it - it’s just you, the boat and there’s nowhere to escape. I was in Fiji in 2015 when a category five cyclone hit, and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. I was lucky to get out alive.

The relationship between humans and nature is so fragile and we forget that we are at its mercy sometimes.

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  • Drift Away | Framed in Tasmanian oak
    180cm x 120cm x 4cm
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